Bronze. 2018.
80” X 26” X 3”
Edition of 3.

‘We the people’ is a sculpture highlighting the opening phrase of the US constitution by extruding the negative space around the phrase with calligraphy of the US constitution transliterated in the Urdu language. It serves as a reminder that it is immigrants who make up the ‘We’ in America. Most immigrants live in the negative spaces of society and yet it is they who make the fabric of this great nation. To quote Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks “When we move from the politics of ‘me’ to the politics of ‘all of us together,’ we rediscover those beautiful, counter-intuitive truths: that a nation is strong when it cares for the weak, that it becomes rich when it cares for the poor, it becomes invulnerable when it cares about the vulnerable. That is what makes great nations.”