Call Your Mother

Fact: Most people don’t call their mothers as much as they should. And often mother-child relationships start to grow apart with age. This 25 foot tall public art sculpture has a simple and universal call to action that everyone can relate to. It can evoke a spectrum of emotions, ranging from love to guilt to sadness to comfort and anything in between.  The word ‘Mother’ is broken in two lines, creating a certain discomfort that is meant to represent detachment and a subliminal need to reconnect.

The sculpture also functions as a solar powered phone charger. Through concealed panels in the structure, people can connect their phone cables into it, charge their phones and call mom while they’re at it.

The vision for the piece is for it to become a global series of sculptures in multiple languages. The material would be polished stainless steel, with it’s high gloss, high tech finish representing the digital age we live in today.