Scout 1 Vibrachrome print on Aluminum. 2018. 30”x50”.

Scout 1
Vibrachrome print on Aluminum. 2018.


The hovering Minaret was the first sign of the phenomenon. First there was one. Then another and then one more. A few days later, the big ship
arrived. The Miraj Mission, or ‘SpaceMosque’ as most of us knew it, brought with it the Great Shift.

SpaceMosque is a new project in progress, which will culminate in a multi-room multi-media exhibit. The concept of the exhibit is a memorial and exploration of a parafictional phenomenon that occurred on Earth in the near past, where every human being got their prayers answered, due to the arrival of a strange vessel from outer space.

It lives in a genre I terms as 'Sci-fi Sufism'. Here I explore the idea of hybridized ‘spiritual machines’ that fuse mysticism and technology, bringing humanity closer to understanding itself. Taking a
page from the AfroFuturism movement, I see this parafictional approach to Islamic folklore and mythology as a contemporary sister movement: Subcontinental Futurism.

Scout1 is the first in the series of SpaceMosque. To learn more about the project, you can contact me at

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