The Archive Of Mankind is a series started in May 2015. It attempts to comment on the absurdity and dichotomy of the 'news' we encounter in our social media feeds on a daily bases. Our feeds don't act on hierarchy of importance of information. Cat videos appear alongside terror attacks, Celebrity epic fails alongside economic meltdowns, not to mention the insane amount of selfies. To the scrolling eye, it's too much sometimes and we consume it all as one giant buffet of information. By taking the most up-voted images from reddit and combining them with news of the times, along with a smattering of imagery I encounter in my personal life, a new context is created. 

Jayalalithaa Jayaram, a former actress who is now the general secretary of the Chennai's ruling party. Pictured against multiple quarantine flags, raising questions of civil rights, while Lego mini figure Cole escapes to Syria to join ISIS.


It's mango season in Pakistan. It's also heatwave season, with over 800 deaths so far. Meanwhile Chris Christie starts using snapchat for his presidential campaign.


ISIS Confederate flag. Hate groups are sadly interchangeable. 


More and more girls lured by ISIS and Daish insist they are happy.


Hurricane weather in the garden of Eden, while an 8 year old boy attempts to smuggle himself to freedom in a suitcase.


California faces one of the most severe droughts on record. The supreme court makes gay marriage legal. A brother makes $5000 Christian Louboutin shoes for his sister for prom. 


An Indonesian woman begins to pray while faced with food cubes. Ramadan Kareem.